Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Reading Right, Right?

As I read this year, I’ve noticed that my reading has strengthened, especially this semester. I’ve noticed my reading strengthen because I can now read higher leveled books with higher vocabulary easily. I guess writing down all the vocabulary I didn’t know and writing the definition helped after all. Helped greatly. I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone of Dystopian and Sci-fi literature to more realistic and thought provoking, mind twisting stories. Being able to read other genres of books has also helped me improve my reading.

I’ve read a total of 18 books so far this year, going on 19 books. The books I’ve read are, Mosquitoland, Since You’ve Been Gone, The Crown, The 5th Wave, David and Goliath, The Infinite Sea, The Last Star, The Testing, Independent Study, Graduation Day, Red Queen, Glass Sword, Cruel Crown, The LadyBird Book of The Zombie Apocalypse, Matched, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, King’s Cage and Crossed. I’m currently reading My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry.

Last year I did not read as many books. Last year I ended with 15 books exactly. I’ve read 3 more books than I did last year, and this school year has a few more months left. My reading goal for this year was 16 but I think I can reach 20!

Something amazing about my class is that we aren’t forced to read one select book that the whole class reads, but we get to pick from a list. Picking from a list of books is more appealing and effective than just reading one book set in stone for the class. One class book maybe won’t be right for everyone, and most of the people do not benefit from the one book, because they don’t bother to read it. The class list allows us students to pick the book that most intrigues us, which in turn helps our reading skills and curiosity.

I have learned some about myself as a reader. I’ve learned that I like to stay in my reading comfort zone, but with a little nudge I’m able to read other genres and enjoy it. I’ve learned that I’m always growing as a reader. My reading rate can always improve. My vocabulary can always improve. As a reader I know that with due time, and with a lot of reading and determination, I can read ANYTHING!

I would say the most difficult book to read this semester would be Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. This book was difficult because it did have difficult vocabulary in it, even French, it also had different character’s views to try and follow, it also had unique writing concepts like white space, intentional rule breaking and even photos! At first it was very hard to read and enjoy the book but as time went on I noticed that I began to understand the book and enjoy it. All I had to do to read and enjoy the book was to read it, and also look up the vocabulary, but mostly to read it! 

What I need to work on with my reading is to read more out of my genre comfort zone. I also need to improve my vocabulary with harder level books. To improve my reading, I just need to continue to read, read, read.

For the next nine weeks I plan on reaching 20 books, and if I reach 20 books, then my next goal will be 25 books. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could read 10 more books than I did last year?! That would definitely show that my reading is greatly improving. My other goal is to read books that don’t fall into the Dystopian and Sci-fi genres. I will complete these goals, and when I do, it will make me a better reader through and through.

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  1. Your book list is impressive, and I need to take some tips from you and get into reading more fantasy. Like so many students, I won't know if I like it until I am willing to try it more. Maybe I will.

    It's exciting to see that you feel like you are growing as a reader, especially since you were already a reader when you entered my class. Whoop! I've maybe accomplished a little something here.

    We all grow and learn and develop differently, and I appreciate that you see that. I appreciate that you are attentive and eager to apply the lessons and the learning done here. Thank you for this!

    Read on, my friend!